Who is this Dr. T. anyway?

I'm a 60-year-old man - who's still young in the head - a senior, so to say 😀.
I earn my living as a self-employed consultant for online marketing systems. Consulting and recommending, that's all it takes. It's fun and I get a lifetime commission per new customer. There's no better way to earn a living.

In life, things don't always go smoothly. There are ups and downs. That was also the case with me. In one of those downs, I came across quotes. The more I dealt with them, the better I felt. It didn't take long for the down to turn into a high again. So collecting quotes became my hobby.

What is actually the advantage of quotes?

Following are a handful of main reasons for the significance of quotes in every person's life.
Quotes may stimulate, motivate as well as urge. Vitalize and also cause you to act. They may generate optimism and also deal hope as well as give you new ideas and insight. And so much more.

And no, I am not a real doctor. Dr. T. is my nickname. ☺

Warm greetings

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